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weaversbazaar offers a range of services to groups and individuals. Click on the links below to get summary details but do get in touch with us if you would like more information or if you would like to book an event.

Pop Up Shops: Visiting, Postal or Fixed

Bring weaversbazaar to you - it is so easy to do! 


Sharing the development of tapestry weaving and other textile arts through images and actual samples.


Delivering opportunities to develop tapestry weaving skills.

Custom-dyed Yarn

Providing a bespoke dyeing service creating exactly the colour you want in small quantities


Opening up opportunities for individuals or groups wanting to use textile activities to enhance their own lives or those of others.

Workshop Services

Delivering equipment and yarn on a cost-effective basis for those running their own workshops or events.

Detail of 'Reflected Tree' woven by Lin