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Through sponsorship we take tapestry weaving to a wider audience

Services offered by weaversbazaar

weaversbazaar offers a range of services to groups and individuals. Click on the links below to get summary details but do get in touch with us if you would like more information or if you would like to book an event.

Pop Up Shops: Visiting, Postal or Fixed

We are very proud of our web site and get a great deal of positive feedback on the quality of its presentation, but nothing beats seeing and feeling yarn to get a full insight into its potential. So we are able to offer a Pop-Up Shop which brings all the products of weaversbazaar to your doorstep! There are three types of Pop-Up Shop:

  • Attended Pop-Up Shop: we will bring the weaversbazaar products to your venue. You or your organisation will receive 10% commission on sales
  • Postal Pop-Up Shop: we post the shop to you, with full instructions and guidance. You return the shop after your event and you or your organisation receives 10% commission on sales
  • Fixed Pop-Up Shop: for those of you with secure studios or workshops where you deliver regular courses, we can provide you with a Pop-Up Shop that stays with you - we re-stock on a monthly basis and you earn 10% commission on sales

All of these options have significant benefits to both organisers, groups and those being presented with the opportunity to explore weaversbazaar products up close and personal. The shop contents can be fully tailored to your requirements.  Do get in touch for more information.

Check out where our Pop Up Shops will be.


We love to share our enthusiasm for tapestry and textiles and there is so much to share! weaversbazaar has developed a number of talks on tapestry weaving and other textiles. These are illustrated with both images and actual pieces of work to handle. Contact us if you would like us to visit your group.

  • Tapestry Weaving Then & Now: a history of tapestry weaving and a look at the contemporary tapestry art scene. The speaker will not only have images of both historic and contemporary tapestry art to highlight her talk but will bring examples of actual tapestries she has woven. 
  • Andean Textiles. This talk provides an overview of traditional Andean weaving techniques which have been practised over many centuries and the ways in which additional textile techniques were learned and incorporated into those traditions after Europeans arrived in South America. The talk is enhanced by examples from the speaker’s collection of Andean textiles acquired over the course of many years travelling in South America.
  • Latin American Textiles and Dress Traditions. This talk looks at the wider Latin American context and the varied and beautiful traditions in textiles and items of traditional dress across the continent.  Traditional dress in many areas of Latin America is often used to define the personal and group history and region of origin of the person wearing it.  The talk is enhanced by examples of different regional techniques and traditions from the speaker’s collection of Latin American textiles and items of dress acquired over the course of many years travelling in Latin America.

The combination of a Saturday talk followed by a Sunday Workshop can be a very successful weekend activity!


weaversbazaar are really enthusiastic about sharing skills and helping others develop the insights to undertake their own tapestry weaving. We deliver a range of learning tapestry weaving opportunities.  

Workshops @ Blackbirds Studio

We deliver regular workshops on not only tapestry weaving skills but other textile related activities. Blackbirds Studio is next door to our distribution unit and can provide a creative working environment for up to six people. Full details of our schedule can be found on our Courses page.

Workshops that travel to you.

We can bring our workshops to any location. They provide a range of learning opportunities and are open to complete beginners as well as those with some knowledge. We can work with up to 10 students. Usually, of one or two days duration, all equipment and handouts are provided as well as access to our full range of dyed tapestry yarns to use during the event! The workshops can focus on different aspects of tapestry weaving:

  • An introduction to tapestry weaving
  • Design for tapestry weaving
  • Extending tapestry weaving techniques

Do get in touch if you are interested in any of these topics.  The combination of a Saturday talk followed by a Sunday Workshop can be a very successful weekend activity! See what we are doing on our Events page.


weaversbazaar run occasional Masterclasses which are always led by a renowned, professional tapestry artist. These deliver two or three-day sessions focusing on specific aspects of tapestry weaving.  Aimed at experienced novices, intermediate or advanced weavers, these events are based in a dedicated tapestry studio in Angmering, Sussex. Lunches are included as well as full access to all our yarns. Go to the Courses page for details of what is currently on offer and the facility to book directly through our website.

Workshop Services

weaversbazaar is able to offer supplies to support workshops or tapestry weaving events being run by individuals or groups. These include:

Ready-cut lengths of worsted wool. These make running a workshop or weaving event so much easier. The yarn is held on poles for easy access. Those taking part take strands of whichever yarns they want. There is no limit on how much can be used, wastage is minimal and the range of colours is huge. There is a choice of Fine, Medium or Heavy yarns or any combination. Access to the yarns significantly enhances any workshop or weaving event. 


Tapestry weaving equipment for hire. weaversbazaar have up to 12 workshop stations available to hire for a tapestry weaving event. These include:

  • A sturdy frame
  • C-Clamp
  • Frame holders with clamps
  • Bobbin
  • Warp pen

These items are available as a complete set or individually.

Pop Up Postal Shop

Bring a tailored Pop Up Shop into your workshop providing your students with the opportunity to purchase yarns and equipment for their own use outside your event. Full details of the Pop Up Postal Shop can be found above

Contact us for more details of pricing and availability.

Custom-dyed Yarn

If you would like one of our yarn weights dyed to your own colour specification we can do this for you.The process is simple;

  • Send us a sample of the colour(s) you are interested in

  • The sample should be at least one-inch square but can be any material, for instance, paper, fabric, card, plastic, or a yarn wrap

  • The sample should have a uniform colour

  • Let us know how much yarn and in which weights you want the colour matched

We will match the colour and send you a small sample in each weight to ensure the colour is right.

When you confirm the colour is correct we send the full order.This process takes about 6-8 weeks.Prices are the same as for our dyed yarns. Minimum order 200g/7oz per colour. 

Get in touch with us if you would like more information.


For the last 6 years, weaversbazaar has invited people and organisations to apply for support under our annual sponsorship scheme. The primary aims of our sponsorship schemes are to

  • engage a community in actively participating in weaving,

  • support the development of novice weavers, or

  • actively and practically bring weaving to a new group of people

The resources we have are modest and mainly take the form of equipment, guidance and/or yarn.

Over the years our sponsorship has enabled activities such as Guild workshops, the use of tapestry weaving as therapy for vulnerable individuals, community tapestry weaving projects and tapestry weaving activities as part of wider social events.

The deadline for 2020 Sponsorship Applications is 31st March 2020. Download the 2020 application form here.

The successful 2019 applications are:

Arthur Rank Hospice where a studio has been created, at the Hospice, to enable various supportive activities to take place and the proposal is to offer tapestry weaving as one of them. 
The Vyne (Lorna Goldsmith), where a series of activities describing the process of tapestry weaving in the context of the 18th-century tapestries will take place over the summer months
East Riddlesden Hall (Elizabeth Paget), where a series of activities aimed at highlighting a particular tapestry located at this National Trust site is planned.
Young Carers & Young Refugees (Richmondshire Refugee Support Group)(Sally Reckert) As with Sally's previous application, this one has a very strong focus on the use of tapestry weaving to provide engagement with vulnerable young people. 
Jackie Bennett (Artspace) Tapestry weaving workshops for artists suffering from mental health issues 
Paulette Furnival: support as she undertakes a one year programme of self-development as a tapestry artist as well as seeking to establish a tapestry weaving group in the South West of the UK.
Katie Russell, who will be creating commemorative tapestries for an exhibition for the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine on the topic of the Battle of Jutland.
Heallreaf3. weaversbazaar will, once again, be awarding the People's Choice prize at the conclusion of this two-stage juried exhibition.
Timeline2/Global Shift is a project being undertaken by 10 tapestry weavers in Ireland.
Irene Evison, who has planned a range of activities both structured and unstructured, aimed at engaging people with tapestry weaving  

Previous sponsorship:

Sponsorship 2013

Sponsorship 2014

Sponsorship 2015

Sponsorship 2016

Sponsorship 2017

Sponsorship 2018

Photos of some of the sponsored projects can also be found on our Facebook Album Page

FROWeave - the weaversbazaar Community Tapestry Project

To celebrate 10 years of being based in Forest Row, East Sussex we will be launching FROWeave at the Forest Row Festival on September 21st and 22nd. We will be working with the local groups and individuals to gather ideas for a theme which can then be worked up into a  design for a contemporary tapestry to be woven by residents and visitors to Forest Row. At the Forest Row Festival, we will be collaborating with Bridging Ages - an organisation whose mission is to bring old and young people together in the belief that intergenerational relationships are mutually beneficial and fundamental to a healthy society. Weaving together is just one way to build intergenerational relationships. At Bridging Ages they also capture life stories. All are welcome to the Forest Row Festival and if you visit our launch stall we will be offering fun ways to learn a few things about what weaving involves, giving everyone the chance to try it and capturing thoughts for the FROWeave project. We hope you will join us.