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Through our services, we aim to take tapestry weaving to a wider audience

Services offered by weaversbazaar

weaversbazaar offers a range of services to groups and individuals. Click on the links below to get summary details but do get in touch with us if you would like more information or if you would like to book an event.


For the last 13 years, weaversbazaar has invited people and organisations to apply for an award from our annual sponsorship fund. The primary aims of our sponsorship schemes are to

  • engage a community in actively participating in weaving,

  • support the development of novice weavers, or

  • actively and practically bring weaving to a new group of people

Our sponsorships are modest but can include funds, equipment, materials, support and other resources.

We will not be offering sponsorship until 2025, given the change of ownership. In future we aim to continue to offer a sponsorship programme to support arange of initiatives, including ones which:

  • Engage a community to actively participate in Tapestry Weaving
  • Support the development of novice Tapestry Weavers, or
  • Actively and practically open up Tapestry Weaving to a new group of people
  • Support the planet through re-use, recycling or repurposing of materials in Tapestry – this is a new category in recognition that creativity remains critically important to people’s wellbeing but like all other areas of life we must all be aware of the resources we are using and use them as responsibly and effectively as possible – something we keep close at heart at weaversbazaar.

Over the years our sponsorship has enabled activities such as Guild workshops, the use of tapestry weaving as therapy for vulnerable individuals, community tapestry weaving projects, independent exhibitions and tapestry weaving activities as part of wider social events.

Look out for sponsorship application forms here in 2025. We will announce re-opening of the sponsorship programme in the newsletter.

Reports of all Previous Sponsorships:

Sponsorship 2013

Sponsorship 2014

Sponsorship 2015

Sponsorship 2016

Sponsorship 2017

Sponsorship 2018

Sponsorship 2019

Sponsorship 2021

Sponsorship 2022


Pop Up Shops: Postal or Fixed

We are very proud of our web site and get a great deal of positive feedback on the quality of its presentation, but nothing beats seeing and feeling yarn to get a full insight into its potential. So we are able to offer a Pop-Up Shop which brings all the products of weaversbazaar to your doorstep! There are two types of Pop-Up Shop:

  • Postal Pop-Up Shop: we post the shop to you, with full instructions and guidance. You return the shop after your event and you or your organisation receives 10% commission on sales
  • Fixed Pop-Up Shop: for those of you with secure studios or workshops where you deliver regular courses, we can provide you with a Pop-Up Shop that stays with you - we re-stock on a monthly basis and you earn 10% commission on sales

All of these options have significant benefits to both organisers, groups and those being presented with the opportunity to explore weaversbazaar products up close and personal. The shop contents can be fully tailored to your requirements.  Do get in touch for more information.

Check out where our Pop Up Shops will be.


weaversbazaar run occasional Masterclasses which are always led by a renowned, professional tapestry artist, at ArtyBird Carnforth and elsewhere through Nearly Wild Weaving. The tutors deliver a range of sessions focusing on specific aspects of tapestry weaving.  These events are aimed at experienced novices, intermediate or advanced weavers. Go to the Courses page for details of what is currently on offer and the facility to book directly through our website.

Custom-dyed Yarn

If you would like one of our yarn weights dyed to your own colour specification we can do this for you, but please get in touch to discuss it with us first, especially while we familiarise ourselves with the business.

Get in touch with us if you would like more information.