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Fine Linen, suitable for warp or weft, in a range of 12 beautiful colours. Coloured Linen is available as individual colours or in discounted collections.

Due to the global pandemic we are not currently able to replenish linen stocks - we are sorry for the shortage of colours in stock and the unavailability of the linen spectrum collection.

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Linen Collections

Fine Linen, suitable for warp or weft, in a collection of 12 beautiful...

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White Linen

Code: L0072

Type: White Linen

Yellow 4 Linen

Code: L0170

Type: Yellow 4 Linen

Apple 3 Linen

Code: L0115

Type: Apple 3 Linen

Seasky 4 Linen

Code: L0105

Type: Seasky 4 Linen

Saltire Blue Linen

Code: L0155

Type: Saltire Blue Linen

Periwinkle 4 Linen

Code: L0134

Type: Periwinkle 4 Linen

Cerise 4 Linen

Code: L0140

Type: Cerise 4 Linen

Ruby 5 Linen

Code: L0151

Type: Ruby 5 Linen

Scarlet Linen

Code: L0080

Type: Scarlet Linen

Orange 4 Linen

Code: L0077

Type: Orange 4 Linen

Sunburst 5 Linen

Code: L0111

Type: Sunburst 5 Linen

Black Linen

Code: L0048

Type: Black Linen