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We are in the process of introducing a new range of Liina cotton warps please check back regularly to see new additions 

The full technical specification for our current warps can be found here

Check out the bulk discounts on some of our warp products 

Download our free tapestry frame warping instructions or watch our videos showing how to warp a tapestry frame.

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Liina Undyed Cotton Warp - 500g cones

Code: CWL0000

Price per 500g/1.1lb: £23.00

Liina Undyed Cotton Warp - 250g Cones

Code: CWL0000-250

Price per 250g/0.55lb: £12.00

Type: Liina 18

Undyed Cotton Warp - 500g cones

Code: CW0000

Price per 500g/1.1lb: £19.00

Dyed Cotton Warp

Code: DCW912

Price per 50g/1,8oz: £9.00

Undyed Linen Warp

Code: LW0000

Price per 500g/1.1lb: £18.00