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Weaving yarns in just the right colours

At weaversbazaar, we supply yarns and products through our online store that will delight any textile artist. In addition, we offer a range of services including an affordable, custom yarn dyeing service, illustrated talks, workshops and a Pop-Up Shop. 

Goat Hair Yarn!

 A brand new product - handspun and characterful. Can be used as either warp or weft. 

Find out more on the Goat hair page.




New colour: Terracotta 5. Revised Terracotta Collection 

Terracotta 5 Terracotta Collection

Joan Baxter Masterclass Places available.

Due to cancellations, we have some limited availability on this Masterclass.  

Full details of the Masterclass here.

Useful information

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Retail and Bulk Discount Rangeweaversbazaar offers many of its products as both retail and bulk discount.  Visit our Online Store to see full details.

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