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Weaving yarns in just the right colours

At weaversbazaar, we supply yarns and products through our online store that will delight any textile artist. In addition, we offer a range of services including an affordable, custom yarn dyeing service, illustrated talks, workshops and a Pop-Up Shop

Our Summer Sale is still on!

Lots of Heavy (6/2) colours available. Check out all the yarn bargains here.

Colour Collections

Colour Collections are available in several formats and are a cost-effective way to buy yarn. See details here

weaversbazaar September 2017 Newsletter is out now! Subscribe if you would like to join the mail-list. Archive available here

Retail and Bulk Discount Range

weaversbazaar offers many of its products as both retail and bulk discount.  Visit our Online Store to see full details.

Heallreaf 2 People's Choice Prize Announcement

The Heallreaf 2 People's Choice prize of £250, donated by weaversbazaar, will be shared by David Cochrane and Soon Yul Kang! Congratulations to both. Overall the voting was very high both at the exhibitions and online. Check out all the exhibits at Heallreaf 2

 'Alder reflection' by David Conchrane           'Energy of Earth' by Soon Yul Kang

weaversbazaar Poll

How many colours do you use in a tapestry?