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The new home of weaversbazaar in Carnforth

Weaving yarns in just the right colours

At weaversbazaar, we offer wool, silk and linen yarns, warp, weaving kits, accessories and equipment through our online store for weavers and textile artists. In addition, we offer a range of services including equipment & materials rental and pop-up shops at your site. 

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July 2024 - weaversbazaar has settled into its new home in Carnforth, though there is still plenty to learn with setting up systems and processes to help make our lives easier, discovering the quirks of couriers and mail services, and topping up our yarn supplies. It's been lovely to get to know our customers alongside learning the business.

Please note - no orders will be sent out during the week beginning 29th July, so that our team can take a well earned break! Last chance to place orders and have them sent out before this break is Thursday 25th July - though if you have a large order please get it in earlier than this. Any orders received Saturday 26th July to Sunday 4th August will be sent out from 5th August. 



We're a bit behind with the newsletter, but it will be out soon! Another part of that steep learning curve... To whet your appetite, it will include the usual news about products, exhibitions and events, alongside an introduction to Kate Horner, one of the new owners of weaversbazaar, starring in our 'Day in the Weave of...' section and an introduction to our new Challenges.

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If you would like to submit items of information for our newsletter (eg courses, exhibitions, talks or other events) please do so by the 15th of each month. Email with concise text containing all relevant details, including contact and website links where appropriate, and a suitable image. We will include what we can but reserve the right to edit submitted information due to space contraints!


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Events and Online Courses

Woven Tapestry Pod Workshop by Video at anytime

Weaving for Beginners by Video at anytime

Sat 14th September - Pop-Up Shop at West Dean College 12.00 to 2.00pm in the Stewards Bar - for course students

Sat 7th December - Pop-Up Shop at West Dean College 12.00 to 2.00pm in the Stewards Bar - for course students

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