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Weaving yarns in just the right colours

At weaversbazaar we supply yarns and products through our online store that will delight any textile artist. In addition we offer a range of services including an affordable, custom yarn dyeing service, illustrated talks, workshops, an online Tapestry Gallery and a Pop-Up Shop!

Periwinkle in stock!

We have a new colour range starting to develop: Periwinkle. In all there will be seven variations in the group but we have started with the palest: Periwinkle 1. This is available in Fine (18/2) only at the moment - but more will follow.

Special Offers: Check out all the Special Offer yarns: latest additions include Violet Medium 1(8/2) and Taupe in Heavy (6/2) .

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IMPORTANT NOICE: PayPal have some technical issues and sometimes fail to add postage costs to orders. If this happens we will contact you with details of how these can be paid.

Retail and Bulk Discount Range

weaversbazaar offers many of its products as both retail and bulk discount.  Visit our Online Store to see full details 

How to contact us


  • By email to
  • By phone to 07590 479192
  • By webform

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