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Grade B Undyed Cotton Warp - 500g cones

Grade B Undyed Cotton Warp - 500g cones

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These are Grade B cotton warps meaning they are good for sampling and experimentation but are not as high quality as our Liina warp range. It is not recommended for exhibition level work.

They are available in 2 types – the finer (9s Fine) is 3300m/500g cone (3609yd/1.1lbs) and the thicker (24s) is 321m/500g (351yd/1.1lbs). 

'Cabled cotton' is warping yarn that is plied and then plied again to make a strong and resilient yarn able to maintain its integrity whilst under high tension during the weaving process. The number associated with each warp gives the number of ply

For the full technical specification of our warps go to Knowledge Zone/Warps

Download our free tapestry frame warping instructions or watch our videos showing how to warp a tapestry frame.

Grade B Undyed Cotton Warp - 500g cones

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