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All the essentials you will need from starting off to more advanced weaving or textile activity.

Check out the bulk discounts on some of our equipment products 

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weaversbazaar offers a wide range of bobbins in both style and price....

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Standard Adjustable Tapestry Frame

Code: STF2038

Price per frame: £35.00

Type: Frame

Colour Tool

Code: CT2041

Price per each: £20.00

Type: Colour Tool

Self-adhesive Loom Tapes

Code: MT0003-2

Price per Pair: £2.10

Type: Pairs of Tapes

Warping Tapes (Same)

Code: WST2059

Price per set: £4.20

Warping Tapes (Mixed)

Code: WST2060

Price per set: £6.70

Type: Warp Sett Tapes (Different)