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Starting your Tapestry Journey

Sometimes it is hard to know how to develop a new interest, so here is a page to help anyone who would like to try Tapestry Weaving to take your first steps.


Initially it is easier to use thicker yarn until you have tried the basic techniques of Tapestry Weaving - the thicker yarn also weaves up faster so it is more satisfying. Below are the colours and collections we have in our heaviest weight of yarn to make it easy to make some choices. Just be sure when selecting the type you choose heavy

If you want to try out more colours or thinner wool yarn weights they can be found here


As with the yarn start with a thicker warp try our Liina 18 warp 

Basic Equipment

The minimum equipment you will need is wool or other fibre, warp, a frame and something to beat your work down with - a kitchen fork can be used for this or a bobbin or beater. Here are some links to our basic equipment

Basic Frame 

Bobbin with a metal tip

Getting Started

The basic shapes to learn to weave are flat weaving, squares, circles, diagnoals and strips.

The basic techniques are warping up, adding more yarn, changing colours and finishing off

Video course - our online course taught by Margaret Jones, was designeed by her specifically for anyone wanting to learn the basics. Once purchased it can be visited and revisited as many times as you like and contains everything you need to know to get started.

Books - a really good 'how to' book for Tapestry Weavers is The Art of Tapestry Weaving by Rebecca Mezoff which is available here 

Get-you-started Designs 

You may have your own designs you would like to weave but if not at the bottom of this page are a few designs you can print off for free and some helpful hints on how to weave them.

Helpful information

In our knowledge zone we have some simple information on Tapestry Weaving but we also have a Learning for Free section (click on the title Tapestry Weaving) which will take you to a range of resources for more information including free guidance on how to warp a frame, a list of course providers and some helpful You Tube videos

How to develop further

One of the great things about tapestry weaving is that good work can be made simply with just the items mentioned above. However if you would like to challenge yourself then there are lots of techniques to explore, many yarns and fibres to try out and lots of design work that can absorb you and help produce some stunning and complex pieces. If you want to go further than the basics then here are some thoughts.

The British Tapestry Group and the American Tapestry Alliance have fantastic websites full of ideas, inspiration and resources. Going to these groups (virtually or in person) are also a great way to meet other weavers to ask questions, share thoughts, solve problems and swap ideas. Weaving is quite solitary so knowing other weavers is both fun and helpful. Via the Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers you may be able to find other Tapestry weavers near you. The internet, and in particular Pinterest, Instagram and You Tube and Blogs by different weavers, are invaluable tools for learning and seeing what others are doing. Finally take a look at our Newsletter Archive  and consider subscribing to future editions of the weaversbazaar free monthly newsletter for updates and inspiration.

Here is our full range of Heavy Yarn and Yarn Collections

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Graphite 1

Code: W0091

Graphite 2

Code: W0090

Graphite 3

Code: W0089

Graphite 4

Code: W0088

Graphite 5

Code: W0092

Heavy Palette Pack 7

Code: PP1072-H

Discounted price per bag: £16.10

Type: Heavy (5/2)

Apple 1

Code: W0113

Apple 2

Code: W0114

Apple 4

Code: W0116

Apple 6

Code: W0118

Apple Collection-Heavy

Code: WC1048-H

Discounted price per bag: £12.88

Type: Heavy


Code: W0007

Olive Green

Code: W0049

Lush Green

Code: W0051

Heavy Palette Pack 1

Code: PP1064

Discounted price per pack: £25.76

Type: Heavy

Light Turquoise

Code: W0013

Type: Heavy (5/2)

Seasky 2

Code: W0086

Seasky 3

Code: W0085

Seasky 4

Code: W0105

Heavy Palette Pack 2

Code: PP1065

Discounted price per pack: £12.88

Type: Heavy

Iris 2

Code: W0103

Iris 3

Code: W0102

Iris 4

Code: W0101

Iris 5

Code: W0100

Iris Collection-Heavy

Code: WC1042-H

Discounted price per bag: £12.88

Type: Heavy(5/2)

Mist Blue

Code: W0056

Heavy Palette Pack 3

Code: PP1066

Discounted price per pack: £16.10

Type: Heavy (5/2)

Dark Pink

Code: W0006

Orange 1

Code: W0123

Orange 2

Code: W0124

Orange 3

Code: W0125


Code: W0044


Code: W0023

Forest Brown

Code: W0046

Sunburst 5

Code: W0111

Sunburst 8

Code: W0122


Code: W0004

Heavy Palette Pack 6

Code: PP1069

Discounted price per pack: £32.20

Type: Heavy

Rainbow Bag Heavy

Code: WC1041-H

Discounted price per bag: £107.10

Type: Heavy