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Warping Tapes (Same)

Warping Tapes (Same)

Code: WST2059     Price per set: £4.20

Warp Sett Tapes are an innovative idea that came from master weaver Pat Taylor, they can be stuck onto the top and bottom of a weaving frame to help with warping up. Each pack contains 10 tapes of the same sett. Choose from 8 warp setts:

2 epc (5 epi),

2.5 epc (6 epi),

3 epc (7.5 epi),

3.5 epc (8.8 epi),

4 epc (10 epi),

5 epc (12.7 epi),

6 epc (15.2 epi) and

7 epc (17.8 epi).

The tapes are at least 40 cm long and are printed on paper.

How to use: Once secured in place on a frame, warp up with the front warps aligned to marks on the tapes and the back warps running up or down the back of the frame.

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