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Sark Threads cushion covers woven using weaversbazaar yarns

Cloth Weaving

Understanding how yarns behave in different settings and under different conditions is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome when planning a piece of cloth weaving. This page aims to bring together all the information we have on using the weaversbazaar yarns for cloth weaving.  If you have further insights then please share them with us. 

Janet Phillips' Masterclass Projects

Over the years a number of projects have been undertaken by Janet Phillips' Masterclass students, using weaversbazaar yarns. 

They included an in-depth analysis of the Fine, Medium and Heavy worsted yarns including exploring setts and finishing. Full details of their findings are here: Report and technical information on worsted yarns for cloth weavers.

The students then went on to explore combining different yarn weights and, more recently, using the weaversbazaar Colour Collections.

A full photographic record of their results shows the fabulous fabrics that they have woven using our yarns.

Full details of the courses offered by Janet can be found on her website.

Weaving Gallery: some pictures of other weaving projects


These two stunning wavy twill fabrics were designed and woven by Janet Phillips herself, using two weaversbazaar Fine Colour Collections (15 and 3). These two cloths were woven on the same warp. The waistcoat (Rock Pool Ripple) has Hot Red in weft and the fabric (Fern Fronds) has Mid Green in the weft.


Summer & Winter Cushion. This cushion cover was woven in a 'Summer & Winter' structure using various colours from the weaversbazaar Medium worsted yarn range. The full cushion cover is left and on the right are details of the two colour-ways used. The 'Summer' palette included Madder (0011), Sunflower (0015), Green (0007), Emerald (0016), Lt Turquoise (0013) and Mid Turquoise (0012). The 'Winter' palette kept the Madder (0011) with Lt Purple (0002), Mid Purple (0003), Dk Pink (0006), Aubergine (0005) and Mid Grey (0047).


Bag of 10's. This bag was made using the undyed Medium worsted yarn which had been mordanted in Alum and progressively dyed to create 10 shades of the same colour, Kamala, from Pure-Tinctoria (see middle above). The loom was then warped up with the palest warps on the left leading to the darkest warps on the right (see right above). It was woven in a plain weave (tabby)woven in 15 pass strips using first the palest yarn and progressively through the darkest. The strap was inkle woven and the front panel '10' is tapestry woven, both using the same yarns as the bag. The bag is lined with cotton also dyed in the same dye bath as the yarns.