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weaversbazaar is all about colour, quality, service and passion for textile art

About us

weaversbazaar came out of a shared passion for tapestry weaving when Matty Smith and Lin Squires met for the first time on the 2008 West Dean College Tapestry Summer School. We had both been experimenting with art, craft and cloth weaving and loved using yarns in creative ways. As we progressed through that hot summer week, weaving and talking and talking and weaving, we not only discovered many shared life experiences but also a common sense of fulfilment in the process and outcomes of tapestry weaving. 

However, once away from West Dean, we faced a serious challenge - how to find high-quality yarns in just the right colours needed for the tapestries we wanted to weave. After much research, a supplier of high-twist worsted yarn was found and then a dyer who was able to match-dye from just a one-inch colour sample...and at that point, we began to think about whether this would be a product and a service that other textile artists would be interested in: weaversbazaar was launched!

The products and services we offer have grown in popularity: our original range of six colours have grown to over 200.The fine 18/2 yarn we started with has been complemented by two medium-weight worsted yarns (7/2 & 9.5/2). In addition, we have extended the range of yarns offered to include both dyed and undyed Nettle, Silk and Linen. We commission the manufacture of equipment that cant be found else where and a year ago took on a studio space in which we run workshops. In doing all these things have establish relationships with diverse textile artists arounfd the world and to communicate regularly with our growing community; sharing information and news that we hope both interests and informs.

And our own weaving has continued to develop. Lin and Matty are both active members of the British Tapestry Group, the American Tapestry Alliance and the Canadian Tapestry Network and relish opportunities to get together with other tapestry weavers and textile artists to share ideas. Everyone who contributes to weaversbazaar is a textile maker.

Matty retired from weaversbazaar in April 2020. But we continue and Rachel Hanney has joined Lin to continue to develop weaversbazaar. Our mission remains to be the place to find quality yarns and reliable, to provide a personalised service and to facilitate creativity and especially Tapestry Weaving as a contemporary art form.

Lin Squires

Matty Smith