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Knitting & Crocheting

weaversbazaar welcomes enthusiastic knitters and crocheters who have used our yarns sharing any insights they have gained as well as images of what they have created.

Hand Knitting

Janet Scotton is a very experienced knitter. She has taken each of the three worsted yarn weights and explored how they respond in a knitting context. Here are photos of her test pieces. Her full report, giving needle sizes, tension square sets and comments on the type of fabric produced is available online.

Machine Knitting

Trish Vickers, an experienced machine knitter, used our Medium 1 worsted wool yarn to knit Slip Stitch, Stocking Stitch, Turk Stitch and Fair Isle patterns on her knitting machine. Her full assessment of how our Medium 1 yarn performs on a knitting machine can be found here

stocking stitch

Stocking stitch. Tension 7. 60 stitches x 90 rows (washed)

Fair Isle

Fair Isle. Tension 7. 60 stitches x 80 rows

Hand Knitting

Jane Colquhoun knits a great deal for her family. Here are some examples of her beautiful work with our yarns:



Heavy 0013 Light Turquoise

Baby blanket knitted in cotton with wool detail and close-up of the cockerel 

Hand Knitting

This hat was knitted using the Heavy Lt Purple and Mid Purple worsted yarns. It is a double thickness hat, knitted from one end to the other with the ribbing at the 'bottom' of the hat actually being knitted in the middle. The resulting hat is very snug and hard wearing.  Below is what it looks like when opened out and it shows that there are options for two colourways.