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Liina & Molla Coloured Cotton Warp - 500g cones

Liina & Molla Coloured Cotton Warp - 500g cones

Code: CWM0000     Price per 500g/1.1lb: £25.00

We have a range of coloured warp from our Finnish Warp supplier but they are not held in stock but all can be pre-ordered on this page and delivery will take 3 to 4 weeks.

These are currently all 18 ply warps as 500g /1.1 lb cones

They are all fully compatible with our Liina 18 undyed warp



25 30 35


Bleached white


Yellow Linen Beige Honey

Misty Blue


43 44 50 51 60 65


Dusty Red Tomato Green Jade Red Orchid

Dark Grey


70 71 72 74 75


Mint Lavender Light Grey Cobalt Blue Denim Blue




These are high quality warps produced in Finland

'Cabled cotton' is warping yarn that is plied and then plied again to make a strong and resilient yarn able to maintain its integrity whilst under high tension during the weaving process. The number associated with each warp gives the number of ply. The higher the number the thicker the warp.

Liina Cotton Warp 



Liina 18

Length – m /500g


Length – yd / 1.1lbs



For the full technical specification of our warps go to Knowledge Zone/Warps

Download our free tapestry frame warping instructions or watch our videos showing how to warp a tapestry frame.


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