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There are so many different types of yarns available today. weaversbazaar has chosen to focus on providing background and technical information about the yarns we sell.

Worsted Spun Wool

Worsted spun wool is the result of a very specific way of both preparing and spinning wool fibre. You might like to read this article 'Why Worsted?' which appeared in The Journal in Summer 2013. Worsted wool, because of the way it is made, is particularly suitable for tapestry weaving weft.

Our mixed fleece Fine 18/2 yarn is made from long staple fleeces originating in both South America and New Zealand and is spun in India. Our Medium and Heavy yarn is spun in Europe, from a mix of Australasian Corriedale and Leicester Crosses. Our single fleece Medium yarn is also spun in Europe, from 100% Blue Faced Leicester fleece.

weaversbazaar has wool yarns available in various weights (counts). The table below provides a summary and our glossary gives an explanation of what 'counts' means.

Type Technical details

18/2 NM (2/16 WC):  2ply yarn wpc/wpi:18/48. epc/epi: 9/24.
25g/0.9oz length typically 250m/ 273yds

Medium 1

**9.5/2 NM (2/8 WC): 2ply yarn wpc/wpi:13.5/35  epc/epi: 7/17.
25g/0.9oz length typically 117m/128yds. This is the yarn used for our stock range of colours

8/2 NM (2/7 WC): wpc/wpi: 13/34 epi/epc: 6/17.
25g/0.9oz length typically 128m/139yds - This yarn has been phased out in preference to the 9.5/2 above. Small amounts in a limited range of colours are still available on our special offers page

Medium 2

**7/2 NM (2/6 WC): 2ply yarn wpc/wpi: 12/30. epc/epi: 6/15.
25g/0.9oz length typically 88m/ 96yds. This yarn is available as both single and mixed fleece versions


6/2 NM (2/5 WC): 2ply yarn wpc/wpi:9/24. epc/epi: 5/12.
25g/0.9oz length typically 62m/ 67yds - This yarn is now being phased out in preference to the 5/2 below. This transition will take some time and so the Heavy yarns will be available in one or other weight for a while.

**5/2 NM (2/4): 2ply yarn wpc/wpi: 9/24. epc/epi: 5/12
25g/0.9oz length typically 58m/64yds

 **weaversbazaar has commissioned these worsted yarns to an exacting specification on the spin, twist and overall quality. They are designed especially with tapestry weavers in mind but are perfect for all types of textile activity.

You can select how you would like your worsted yarn wound:

Tubes (25g/0.9oz, 50g/1.8oz & 100g/3.5oz), Hanks (50g/1.8oz & 100g/3.5oz), Cones (100g/3.5oz, 150g/5.3oz, 200g/7oz, 300g/10.6oz, 400g/14oz, 500g/ 1.1lb & 1kg/2.2lbs)

The epc/epi data is typically for a plain or tabby weave and is approximate.

On our Warp page, we give some suggestions on how these worsted yarns can be used. There is also a detailed yarn analysis, describing worsted yarn settings for cloth weaving.

Nettle Yarn

Our nettle yarn comes from Nepal. The nettle plant is called 'Allo' and grows in mountainous areas. It grows to over 3 metres high. The stems are retted (rotted) and the resulting fibres are spun into yarn by women using elaborately carved drop spindles.

The nettle yarn is not plied, has a high twist and is very textured. Although it feels quite harsh initially, through handling it very quickly softens. The natural nettle yarn takes dyes really well. 

50g/1.8oz of nettle yarn will provide approximately 151yds/ 138m of yarn.

The tapestry on the left is called 'Celebration' and is woven in nettle yarn by Jane Brunning.



We offer 12 colours in silk. You can select how you would like your silk yarn wound:

Tubes (5g/0.17oz, 10g/0.3oz), Hanks (30g/1oz & 60g/2oz), Cones (100g/3.5oz)

Type Technical details

2/30 NM:  2ply silk yarn wpc/wpi:18.5/50. epc/epi: 9/25.
15g/0.5oz length typically 221m/ 241yds







Our linen yarn comes from Italy. You can select how you would like your linen yarn wound:

Tubes (25g/0.9oz, 50g/1.8oz & 100g/3.5oz), Hanks (50g/1.8oz & 100g/3.5oz), Cones (100g/3.5oz, 250g/8.8oz, 500g/ 1.1lb)

Type Technical details

2/9.6 NM:  2ply linen yarn wpc/wpi: 15/40. epc/epi: 7.5/20.
25g/0.9oz length typically 120m/ 130yds






None of the weaversbazaar yarns is subjected to mothproofing treatments at any stage in their production. In the UK this is now the norm since more stringent regulations were put in place in the 1990’s. Initially, it was found that the effluent from factories engaging in mothproofing treatments was contaminating waterways and killing off insect life. Much stricter regulations were put in place on the quality of effluent and a large number of the chemical agents previously used were withdrawn. Together these two significant pieces of legislation brought the practice of mothproofing to an end in the UK for yarn manufacture and thereby made a large and positive contribution to the safeguarding of the environment. For those that handle yarn in the UK, chemical treatments have been replaced with moth traps, scent deterrents and physical barriers such as bags, which, when managed properly, are very effective. At weaversbazaar, we use all three approaches.