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Coloured Yarn (Bulk)

Discounted price £525.00 per 5kg. Order single or mixed coloured yarns for this 25% discount.

Using the on-screen form, choose your colours and quantities and send us the order. We will then contact you with the invoice.

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Sunburst 1
Code: W0108

Sunburst 2
Code: W0109

Sunburst 3
Code: W0110

Sunburst 5
Code: W0111

Sunburst 6
Code: W0112

Sunburst 7
Code: W0121

Sunburst 8
Code: W0122

Sunburst Collection-Fine & Medium
Code: WC1051-FM

Code: W0082

Code: W0004

Yellow 1
Code: W0167

Yellow 2
Code: W0168

Yellow 4
Code: W0170

Yellow 5
Code: W0171

Yellow 7
Code: W0173

Yellow Collection Fine & Medium
Code: WC1076

Yellow Collection Medium
Code: WC1076-M

Code: W0015

Apple 1
Code: W0113

Apple 2
Code: W0114

Apple 3
Code: W0115

Apple 4
Code: W0116

Apple 6
Code: W0118

Apple 7
Code: W0119

Apple 8
Code: W0120

Apple Collection-Fine & Medium
Code: WC1048-FM

Apple Collection-Heavy
Code: WC1048-H

Code: W0007

Olive Green
Code: W0049

Midnight Green 1
Code: W0195

Midnight Green 2
Code: W0196

Midnight Green 3
Code: W0197

Midnight Green 4
Code: W0198

Midnight Green 5
Code: W0166

Midnight Green Collection Fine & Medium
Code: WC1078

Nyanza 1
Code: W0181

Nyanza 4
Code: W0182

Nyanza 7
Code: W0183

Mantis 4
Code: W0203

Mantis 5
Code: W0216

Mantis 6
Code: W0218

Lush Green
Code: W0051

Savoy Green
Code: W0052

Green 4
Code: W0209

Viridis 4
Code: W0210

Lt Sage
Code: W0010

Yew Green
Code: W0033

Aqua 1
Code: W0174

Aqua 4
Code: W0175

Aqua 7
Code: W0176

Light Turquoise
Code: W0013

Turquoise 2
Code: W0188

Turquoise 3
Code: W0202

Turquoise 4
Code: W0189

Turquoise 6
Code: W0190

Turquoise Collection
Code: WC1095-FM

Teal 1
Code: W0071

Teal 2
Code: W0070

Teal 3
Code: W0069

Teal 4
Code: W0068

Teal 5
Code: W0058

Teal Collection-Fine, Medium 1
Code: WC1026

Seasky 1
Code: W0127

Seasky 2
Code: W0086

Seasky 3
Code: W0085

Seasky 4
Code: W0105

Seasky 5
Code: W0129

Seasky 6
Code: W0130

Seasky Collection-Fine & Medium
Code: WC1050

Iris 1
Code: W0104

Iris 2
Code: W0103

Iris 3
Code: W0102

Iris 4
Code: W0101

Iris 5
Code: W0100

Iris 6
Code: W0094

Iris Collection-Fine & Medium 1
Code: WC1042-FM1

Iris Collection-Heavy
Code: WC1042-H

Saltire Blue
Code: W0155

Mist Blue
Code: W0056

Denim Blue
Code: W0059

Blue 3
Code: W0204

Bice Blue 4
Code: W0211

Pete's Blue
Code: W0021

Code: W0057

Hyacinth 1
Code: W0184

Hyacinth 2
Code: W0191

Hyacinth 3
Code: W0097

Night Sky
Code: W0093

Pale lilac
Code: W0009

Periwinkle 1
Code: W0131

Periwinkle 2
Code: W0132

Periwinkle 3
Code: W0133

Periwinkle 4
Code: W0134

Periwinkle 6
Code: W0136

Periwinkle 7
Code: W0137

Periwinkle Collection-Fine & Medium
Code: WC1070

Violet 4
Code: W0208

Violet 7
Code: W0215

Mid Purple
Code: W0003

Purple 2
Code: W0206

Mallow 4
Code: W0213

Fuchsia 1
Code: W0214

Fuchsia 4
Code: W0212

Fuchsia 6
Code: W0217

Dark Pink
Code: W0006

Fuchsia Collection
Code: WC1097-FM

Magenta 2
Code: W0185

Magenta 4
Code: W0186

Magenta 6
Code: W0187

Code: W0005

Magenta Collection
Code: WC1098-FM

Cerise 20
Code: W0154

Cerise 2
Code: W0138

Cerise 3
Code: W0139

Cerise 4
Code: W0140

Cerise 6
Code: W0142

Cerise 7
Code: W0143

Cerise 10
Code: W0146

Cerise 9
Code: W0145

Cerise 8
Code: W0144

Cerise Collection-Fine
Code: WC1073-F

Cerise Collection-Medium
Code: WC1073-M1

Ruby 1
Code: W0147

Ruby 2
Code: W0148

Ruby 3
Code: W0149

Ruby 4
Code: W0150

Ruby 5
Code: W0151

Ruby 6
Code: W0152

Ruby 7
Code: W0153

Ruby Collection - Fine & Medium
Code: WC1071

Scarlet 3
Code: W0205

Code: W0080

Cinnabar 1
Code: W0177

Cinnabar 2
Code: W0192

Cinnabar 4
Code: W0178

Cinnabar 5
Code: W0180

Cinnabar 6
Code: W0157

Cinnabar 7
Code: W0179

Cinnabar Collection-Fine
Code: WC1075-F

Cinnabar Collection-Medium
Code: WC1075-M1

Code: W0011

Orange 1
Code: W0123

Orange 2
Code: W0124

Orange 3
Code: W0125

Orange 4
Code: W0077

Orange 8
Code: W0193

Orange 9
Code: W0194

Orange Collection-Fine & Medium
Code: WC1074-FM1

Code: W0044

Code: W0023

Cedar Brown
Code: W0022

Terracotta 1
Code: W0159

Terracotta 2
Code: W0160

Terracotta 3
Code: W0161

Terracotta 4
Code: W0162

Terracotta 5
Code: W0163

Terracotta 6
Code: W0164

Terracotta Collection Fine
Code: WC1077-F

Terracotta Collection Medium
Code: WC1077-M

Forest Brown
Code: W0046

Code: W0040

Code: W0081

Code: W0061

True White
Code: W0072

Graphite 1
Code: W0091

Graphite 2
Code: W0090

Graphite 3
Code: W0089

Graphite 4
Code: W0088

Graphite 5
Code: W0092

Dark Grey
Code: W0073

True Black
Code: W0048

Graphite Collection-Fine & Medium
Code: WC1047-FM1H

Palette Pack 7 - Fine & Medium 1
Code: PP1072-FM1