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Movement in Tapestry: Silvia Heyden

Movement in Tapestry: Silvia Heyden

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Movement in Tapestry: Silvia Heyden completed by Silvia's son Daniel and daughter Francoise

"Silvia's central theme of exploring movement in modern abstract tapestry is displayed in nearly ninety full-page, and several hundred smaller, colour photographs, accompanied by her quotes, explanations, sketches and diagrams. These tapestries represent more than half of the 800 tapestries she wove, and engage the viewer in a dialogue on the essence of dynamic composition based on Bauhaus principles. Her focus on the textile-tactile elements that distinguish weaving from painting arose from the process of working at the loom, as opposed to attempting to weave a pre-conceived image. This merging of art and craft led her to surprising new techniques that culminated in the diagonal wefts of her 'feathered' weave and allowed her to develop motifs and use the rhythmic structure at the heart of weaving to allow vibrant and colourful compositions to evolve. In the course of over fifty years of weaving she tapped into the great potential of returning weaving to its roots as an "ars nova", contrary to the mechanisation of weaving that followed in the wake of the Renaissance. What is so wonderful about weaving? "For me, it's the process of discovery that gives me tremendous joy. I hope my tapestries convey this joy to the viewer because in tapestry weaving the result leaves the process visible. One can read a tapestry the same way it was woven, all the visions and revisions,challenges, thrills are visible in the finished tapestry." - Silvia Heyden"

Silvia Heyden 1927 - 2015

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