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Colour Tool

Colour Tool

Code: 2041

Price per each: £13.40

This amazing resource provides everyone (even those not familiar with colour theory) with the means to explore the different types of colour, experiment with how colours blend together and work out colour schemes based on easily followed guidelines. The ColourTool includes 10 instruction cards, 24 two sided colour cards with one side having the colors shown through different colour plans and the other side having colour codes. In all 816 colors are illustrated, with CMYK and RGB and HEX formulas, and 2 Value Finders Red & Green.
The tool is in a reusable vinyl pouch and has corner fasteners so it can fan out the cards. Cards are 3.25” X 8”.

The 24 colour segements are the basis on which our own 12 Colour Groups are structured so using this Colour Tool can help make the right choice of yarn colour from our extensive range.

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