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Bobbins by Andrew Dickinson


Here are answers to questions we get asked quite frequently. If the answer you are looking for is not here then just send us your question and we will get back to you.

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How many colours are included in your Jamboree Bags? How long does international shipping take? How much will shipping cost me? How do ATA members claim their 10% discount? How do I redeem more than one gift voucher on the website? Can orders be processed during the coronavirus pandemic?


Can I mix the yarn weights/types in Tapestry? What can I do if the yarn is not available in the weight I want? Are your yarns moth proofed? What can I do to protect my yarn from moths? How light/dye fast are your dyed yarns? What is worsted wool? What thickness of yarn should I use for weft? Which warp should I use for my design? What warp sett should I use? Is your wool yarn suitable for knitting children’s clothes? What is the yarn in your sample cards? How do I use the colour tool? How do I match weaversbazaar colours to the colour tool? How can I convert to or from the NM count you use? If I am a new weaver which weight of yarn should I work with?