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Woven Tapestry Pod Workshop by Video at anytime

Margaret Jones will be teaching students how to tapestry weave a 3D ‘pod' by video.

Students will receive a link to the video, printouts needed for the workshop and guidance notes which includes information on the use of different materials to produce different results i.e. soft organic pods or hard boxlike structures. 

The video will be available for at least 2 years and can be viewed, stopped and started as many times as needed.

Students must be able to warp a tapestry frame themselves and have tried tapestry weaving before. No other previous skills are required. Students will need to work on their own tapestry frame using their own warp and weft.

About the Tutor:

Born in 1960, Margaret came to Tapestry Weaving late in her career when, in 2012 she started three years full time study to hone her Fine Art, creative and craft skills, finishing with an MFA in Tapestry Weaving in 2015. She received many accolades for her work, including the following:

2016 - Winner - Cordis Showcase Prize

2019 - Winner - People's Prize - Heallreaf 3

2019 - Awarded - Griffin Prize - American Tapestry Alliance

2021 - Awarded - Fellowship of the Society of Designer Craftsmen (SDC)

2021 - Winner - Gane Trust Award

2022 - Shortlisted - Heallreaf Prize

2022 – Shortlisted – QEST Award for Excellence

Margaret does not regret leaving it so late in her life to pursue this obsessive craft as this brings to her work a maturity and perspective and would not have been present when younger. Margaret teaches workshops regularly at various venues across the UK and is a studio weaver in the professional tapestry studio at West Dean.

Every two years Margaret organises and curates 'Heallreaf', an international tapestry exhibition. This an attempt to expand the field of tapestry weaving beyond the view of 'woolly painting', returning it to the area of Fine Art whilst retaining the requirement for a high level of technical skill.

Participant feedback "I found the workshop inspirational and Margaret's response to my emails were prompt and very helpful." JB

Woven Tapestry Pod Workshop by Video at anytime
Woven Tapestry Pod Workshop by Video at anytime
Woven Tapestry Pod Workshop by Video at anytime

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Price: £90.00