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Undyed Cotton Warp

Undyed Cotton Warp

Code: CW0000     Price per 500g/1.1lb: £17.00

'Cabled cotton' is warping yarn that is plied and then plied again to make a strong and resilient yarn able to maintain its integrity whilst under high tension during the weaving process. We stock three weights:

6s(Fine): 6/16(three strands of two-ply) Wraps per inch/cm: 34/13. 500g/1.1lb cone = approximately 2212m/2419yds

6s(Medium): 6/12nm(three strands of two-ply) Wraps per inch/cm: 24/9. 500g/1.1lb cone = approximately 916m/1001yds

9s: 9/12nm(three strands of three-ply). Wraps per inch/cm: 18/7. 500g/1.1lb cone = approximately 622m/680yds

24s: 24/12nm(three strands of eight-ply). Wraps per inch/cm: 12/5. 500g/1.1lb cone = approximately 321m/351yds

For the full technical specification of our warp go to Knowledge Zone/Warps

Download our free tapestry frame warping instructions or watch our videos showing how to warp a tapestry frame.

For orders of 10 x 500g/1.1lb cones or more see our bulk discount page 

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