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Sample Cards

Sample Cards

Code: SC4000     Discounted price per set: £9.50

The 0825 version of our sample cards is now out of stock. New cards are being produced which will be version 0826 and will include the new warp range.

There are eight sample cards in the set. These cards are hand-made and contain real yarn samples.

Six of the cards present the full range of coloured worsted wool yarn using actual wool samples, plus examples of each of the undyed worsted wool yarns.

One card shows the full range of nettle yarn colours and silk yarn colours. The final card carries linen yarns, both dyed and undyed, as well as our cotton warps - in each case using actual yarn samples. 

Our Sample Card Set is updated on a quarterly basis and coded as changes are made. The current Sample Card Set, version 0825 was issued in November 2022

Purchasing one set of these cards means you will have samples of all the colours and all the yarns.

The sample cards are sent post free.



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