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Warping Tapes (Different)

Warping Tapes (Different)

Code: WST2060     Price per set: £6.00

Warp Sett Tapes, an innovative idea that came from Master weaver Pat Taylor,  can be stuck on the top and bottom of your weaving frame.

Each pack contains 2 tapes of each of the setts: 2 epc (5 epi), 2.5 epc (6 epi), 3 epc (7.5 epi), 3.5 epc (8.8 epi), 4 epc (10 epi) , 5 epc (12.7 epi), 6 epc (15.2 epi) and 7 epc (17.8 epi). Sixteen tapes in all.
The tapes are 77 cm long and are printed on strong paper. Once in place, you warp up the front warp to a mark on the tapes and then just bring the warp up or down the back of the frame and align the next front warp with the next set of marks

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