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Tapestry Frame Holders

Tapestry Frame Holders

Code: TFH2007     Price per pair: £75.60

These precision engineered Tapestry Frame Holders are made from Ash and Aluminium and will hold a metal or wooden sided frame very steady. They can easily be used with the frame held upright or slanted to suit and come with 2 different sized sets of inserts offering flexibility on the type of frame they can be used with.

The largest thickness of frame that will fit into the frame holder is 3cm (1 and 1/8th of an inch) 

The thinnest frame that can be held fast is 0.6cm (¼ inch)

This is another fabulous artisan product designed by Andrew Dickinson for tapestry weavers.

Please note:

  • The frame holders require metal clamps (shown in some photos) which are not included but are available on this website here. If you plan to use your own clamps please note that the hole for the clamp rod requires a circular clamp rod. 
  • The warped frame shown in the images is not included


Tapestry Frame Holders
Tapestry Frame Holders
Tapestry Frame Holders

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