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Birchwood Mounting Frame

Birchwood Mounting Frame

Code: BF2009     Price per each: £8.50

These Birchwood frames are ideal for mounting small tapestries or other textile art in. Each panel has an external dimension of a 30cm square with a depth of 2cm. The internal dimension is 26.7cm square.

Here are some suggestions on how they can be used:

  • Mount the tapestry on foam board or card then glue the board/card to the mounting frame
  • As above but instead of glue attach Velcro to the mount board and the tapestry or foam board/card. Then sew the opposite side of the Velcro to the back of the tapestry and press two pieces of Velcro together (the advantage of this way is you can re-use the frame for other pieces)
  • Mount the tapestry on foam board or card then use double-sided tape to attach to the mounting frame
  • Mark on the mounting frame the area to be covered by the tapestry then drill a small hole just inside where the corners of the tapestry will be and then another one right in the centre of where the tapestry will be. Then sew the tapestry onto the board using these five holes. The stitches will run from the corners to the centre hole catch a warp through the centre hole then stitch back to the opposite corner. So when completed there is a large cross of stitching on the back of the mounting frame
  • Drill holes through the side of the frame at the top and the bottom then pass the warps through these and knot them on the outside of the hole so the tapestry is captured in its own little loom as the frame
  • You also have the option of mounting the work to either side of the frame – so on one side it is mounted as a flat board on the other it has a small edging frame
  • Use wax to colour the mounting frame first – most popular is liming wax

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