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Collector's Edition Bobbins

We call these the Collectors Edition of bobbins - each one is uniqueunrepeatable and individually crafted by Andrew Dickinson. There are two types of bobbin available - Original Collector's Bobbins, with long shanks for carrying weft and Hand Tip Collector's Bobbins, a unique design without a shank for carrying weft and therefore used for beating down weft unique bobbins are only available through weaversbazaar. These beautiful bobbins are fully functional and also make a perfect gift. 

Andrew Dickinson only uses sustainable woods. Materials of apparent animal origin in the bobbins, such as ivory are in fact faux ivory made from casein. The description of each bobbin details what it is made of. The bobbins have been made featuring `stabilised wood`.  Read more about Stabilised Wood in our Library.

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Hand Tip Bobbins

Hand Tip Bobbins, a unique design from our artisan maker, Andrew...

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Collector's Bobbins

Collector's Bobbins have long shanks for carrying weft. These...

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