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Heallreaf 2 Catalogue

Heallreaf 2 Catalogue

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Heallreaf 2 was an International Exhibition of Woven Tapestry which took place at two venues during the Spring and Summer of 2017.

In her foreword to the catalogue, Prof. Lesley Millar, the exhibition juror, writes "For 'Heallreaf 2', many of the tapestries have been created with a particular moment in mind, often one inextricably linked to the senses - how it feels to be somewhere, to experience something: the touch of a hand, the forest floor beneath our feet, the gaze of another, the profound sadness of our times and the joy of being alive."

This catalogue devotes a page to each of the exhibiting artists, with full-colour illustrations. If you didn't get to Heallreaf 2 then this is the next best way to experience it.

Heallreaf 2 Catalogue

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