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These mixed fleece worsted-spun wool colours reflect the Aqua Blue and Turquoise Blue/Cyan Cards on the Colour Tool.
Colours marked with a star (*) are also available in Medium 2 (7/2).
Colours marked 'Limited' are being phased out due to duplication. Once all stock has gone, these colours will only be available through the Colour Archive.

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Turquoise Collection

Code: WC1095-FM

Discounted price per bag: £12.85

Teal Collection-Fine, Medium 1

Code: WC1026

Discounted price per bag: £16.10

Seasky Collection-Fine & Medium

Code: WC1050

Discounted price per bag: £19.30


Turquoise 2

Code: W0188

Turquoise 3

Code: W0202

Light Turquoise

Code: W0013

Type: Heavy (5/2)

Seasky 1

Code: W0127

Seasky 2

Code: W0086

Seasky 3

Code: W0085


Turquoise 4

Code: W0189

Seasky 4

Code: W0105


Turquoise 6

Code: W0190

Seasky 5

Code: W0129

Seasky 6

Code: W0130


Teal 1

Code: W0071

Teal 2

Code: W0070

Teal 3

Code: W0069

Teal 4

Code: W0068

Teal 5

Code: W0058