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These mixed fleece worsted-spun wool colours reflect the Blue-Red and Red Cards on the Colour Tool.
Colours marked 'Limited' are being phased out due to duplication. Once all stock has gone, these colours will only be available through the Colour Archive.

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Cerise Collection-Fine

Code: WC1073-F

Discounted price per bag: £29.98

Type: Fine (18/2)

Cerise Collection-Medium

Code: WC1073-M1

Discounted price per bag: £22.50

Type: Medium (9.5/2)

Ruby Collection - Fine & Medium

Code: WC1071

Discounted price per bag: £22.50


Cerise 20

Code: W0154

Cerise 2

Code: W0138

Cerise 3

Code: W0139

Ruby 1

Code: W0147

Type: Fine (18/2)

Ruby 2

Code: W0148

Ruby 3

Code: W0149


Cerise 4

Code: W0140

Ruby 4

Code: W0150


Cerise 6

Code: W0142

Cerise 7

Code: W0143

Ruby 5

Code: W0151

Ruby 6

Code: W0152

Ruby 7

Code: W0153


Cerise 10

Code: W0146

Type: Fine (18/2)

Cerise 8

Code: W0144

Cerise 9

Code: W0145

Type: Fine (18/2)