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Artisan Bobbins

Andrew Dickinson, artist and model maker, has hand crafted several ranges of beautiful bobbins to an exceptionally high level of quality, precision and finish.

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Collector's Bobbins

Collector's Bobbins have long shanks for carrying weft. These...

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Hand Tip Bobbins

Hand Tip Bobbins, a unique design from our artisan maker, Andrew...

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Artisan Bobbins (Wood-Tipped)

These bobbins, in three lengths, are hand crafted by artist and model-maker...

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Artisan Bobbins (Metal-Tipped)

These medium length bobbins are handcrafted by artist and musical...

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Double-ended Bobbins

FLASH SALE for a limited time only these bobbins have a 27% discount These...

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