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Colour Archive

Our colour archive contains images of colours we no longer have available as a stock yarn. There may be small amounts of some colours ' to be found on our Special Offer Yarn page. 

We retain the dye recipes for all these archived colours and they can be ordered as custom-dyes at the same price as our stock colours but at a minimum quantity of 500g in the following yarn weights 18/2 (fine), 9.5/2 (medium 1), 7/2 (medium 2) or 5/2 (heavy)The lead time for these colours is 4 to 6 weeks.

Contact Lin on +44(0)7801 607286 or if you would like to order any of these archived colours. 

A printable document of all the colours is available using the download pdf button

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Silver Grey
Code: SOW0064-FH

Pale Grey
Code: W0074

Code: W0020

Grey (mis-dyed)
Code: W0020md

Code: W0055

Light Olive
Code: W0050

Apple 5
Code: W0117

Soft Green
Code: W0017

Pea Green
Code: W0053

Mid Green
Code: W0054

Acid Green
Code: W0079

Code: SOW0016

Pale Turquoise
Code: W0083

Mid Turquoise
Code: W0012

Electric Blue
Code: W0095

Seasky 25
Code: W0107-F

Seasky 35
Code: W0106

Sky Blue 1
Code: W0027

Sky Blue 2
Code: W0028

Sky Blue 3
Code: W0029

Sky Blue 4
Code: W0030

Sky Blue 5
Code: W0031

Sky Blue 6
Code: W0032

Azul 1
Code: W0199

Azul 2
Code: W0200

Azul 3
Code: W0201

Cool Blue
Code: W0078

Code: W0008

Scottish Purple 2
Code: W0098

Scottish Purple 4
Code: W0096

Scottish Purple 5
Code: W0084

Periwinkle 5
Code: W0135

Vivid Purple
Code: W0034

Code: W0025

Light Purple
Code: W0002

Code: W0001

Baby Pink
Code: W0087

Cerise 5
Code: W0141

Code: W0024

Code: W0018

Code: W0036

Mid Brown
Code: W0038

Code: W0019

Cinnabar 30
Code: W0156

Code: W0039

Hot Red
Code: W0063

Code: W0035

Russet Brown
Code: W0037

Peat Brown
Code: W0066

Code: W0045

Code: W0062

Code: W0126

Code: W0042

Tansy Yellow
Code: W0041

Sunburst 4
Code: W0076

Sludge Green
Code: W0060

Code: W0014

Soft Lemon
Code: W0043

Acid Yellow
Code: W0075