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Talks & Workshops

We love to share our enthusiasm for tapestry: its history; the contemporary tapestry scene; how to weave; how to design for tapestry weaving. There is so much to share!


weaversbazaar can deliver a 40-minute talk on 'Tapestry Weaving: Then and Now', illustrated with both images and actual tapestries. This talk presents a short history of tapestry weaving with additional insights into the work of contemporary tapestry artists. It is an eye opener on the roller-coaster tapestry art has followed through the centuries and into the modern day world of artist weavers. Having seen and heard about tapestry there is then an interest in learning how to do it!


Our one or two-day workshops provide a range of learning opportunities covering an introduction to basic tapestry weaving techniques through to more advanced practices, tapestry design and finishing. All equipment is provided: tapestry frames, warp, bobbins, pens, clamps - and of course our full range of dyed tapestry yarns to choose from!. Detailed handouts are also provided. 

Do get in touch if you are interested in either of these opportunities or a combination of both - a Saturday talk followed by a Sunday Workshop can be a very successful weekend activity!

'Insomnia III' woven by Matty