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We love to share our enthusiasm for tapestry and textiles There is so much to share! weaversbazaar has developed a number of talks on tapestry weaving and other textiles. These are illustrated with both images and actual pieces or work to handle. Contact us if you would like us to visit your group.

  • Tapestry Weaving Then & Now: a history of tapestry weaving and a look at the contemporary tapestry art scene. The speaker will not only have images of both historic and contemporary tapestry art to highlight her talk but will bring examples of actual tapestries she has woven. 
  • Andean Textiles. This talk provides an overview of traditional Andean weaving techniques which have been practiced over many centuries and the ways in which additional textile techniques were learned and incorporated into those traditions after Europeans arrived in South America. The talk is enhanced by examples from the speaker’s collection of Andean textiles acquired over the course of many years travelling in South America.
  • Latin American Textiles and Dress Traditions. This talk looks at the wider Latin American context and the varied and beautiful traditions in textiles and items of traditional dress across the continent.  Traditional dress in many areas of Latin America is often used to define the personal and group history and region of origin of the person wearing it.  The talk is enhanced by examples of different regional techniques and traditions from the speaker’s collection of Latin American textiles and items of dress acquired over the course of many years travelling in Latin America.

The combination of a Saturday talk followed by a Sunday Workshop can be a very successful weekend activity!


'Insomnia III' woven by Matty