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For the last 6 years, weaversbazaar has invited people and organisations to apply for support under our annual sponsorship scheme. We are pleased to launch our 2019 scheme. The primary aims of our sponsorship schemes are to

  • engage a community in actively participating in weaving,
  • support the development of novice weavers, or
  • actively and practically bring weaving to a new group of people

The resources we have are modest and mainly take the form of equipment, guidance and/or yarn.

Over the years our sponsorship has enabled activities such as Guild workshops, the use of tapestry weaving as therapy for vulnerable individuals, community tapestry weaving projects and tapestry weaving activities as part of wider social events.

This year we have a few ideas for anyone considering setting up a project in keeping with our aim of promoting community-based or shared weaving activities. Read them here.

The kind of support we can give to any project includes yarn, loan equipment, guidance sheets on weaving and setting up frames for participants to take away or designs that could be woven. We would also help you promote your event.

Of course, you may well have your own project in mind. So do let us know if you have a project in mind and would like our support. Click here to download the weaversbazaar application (it will automatically download to your computer) and get it to us before the end of March 2019.

Detail of 'Derelict Wall' woven by Matty

Sponsorship Updates:
Sponsorship 2013
Sponsorship 2014
Sponsorship 2015
Sponsorship 2016
Photos of some of the sponsored projects can also be found on our Facebook Album Page