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weaversbazaar invites people or organisations to apply to be considered for support under our sponsorship scheme. The resources we have are modest but can include funds, equipment, materials and other support. In keeping with our aim of promoting weaving, we were keen to support initiatives which either

  • engage a community in actively participating in weaving,
  • support the development of novice weavers, or
  • actively and practically bring weaving to a new group of people


We received the following message from Sally Reckert, who was sponsored by weaversbazaar in 2016 (Tees Valley YMCA) and 2017 (Children's Tapestry Weaving)

 ATA (the American Tapestry Alliance)  has awarded me a Weaving the Future grant to guide two new BTG (British Tapestry Group) members in weaving with children of all ages. Both are also members of the Darlington Weaving Rooms - an increasingly dynamic hub here in the north!  Would any of this happened without weaversbazaar sponsorship - no. Your support gave me the confidence to go where my heart lies, encouraging children’s creative response to their environment through weaving their stories in tapestry. And now I’m passing on that batten.

2018 Sponsorship Awards.

 Contact us for more information or an application form

  • Barbara Rowell receives a donation of undyed yarn to enable her to weave a tapestry she has designed

  • East Sussex Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers receives a loan of weaving equipment and a donation of yarn for a tapestry weaving workshop they are planning later this year

  • Ella Doran is undertaking an ambitious project at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and will receive a donated tapestry frame on which she will be weaving some of the components.

  • Louise Oppenheimer is running a number of workshops on the Isle of Colonsay and we have donated yarns plus funding to enable handouts to be printed.

  • The South East Regional Group of the British Tapestry Group will receive funds to support an exhibition they are holding called ‘Inner Sound’. This links to the national British Tapestry Group’s project of Sound & Weave.

Updates on these projects will be posted later in the year.

Detail of 'Derelict Wall' woven by Matty

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Photos of some of the sponsored projects can also be found on our Facebook Album Page