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For the last 6 years, weaversbazaar has invited people and organisations to apply for support under our annual sponsorship scheme. The primary aims of our sponsorship schemes are to

  • engage a community in actively participating in weaving,
  • support the development of novice weavers, or
  • actively and practically bring weaving to a new group of people

The resources we have are modest and mainly take the form of equipment, guidance and/or yarn.

Over the years our sponsorship has enabled activities such as Guild workshops, the use of tapestry weaving as therapy for vulnerable individuals, community tapestry weaving projects and tapestry weaving activities as part of wider social events.

The successful 2019 applications are:

Arthur Rank Hospice where a studio has been created, at the Hospice, to enable various supportive activities to take place and the proposal is to offer tapestry weaving as one of them. 
The Vyne (Lorna Goldsmith), where a series of activities describing the process of tapestry weaving in the context of the 18th-century tapestries will take place over the summer months
East Riddlesden Hall (Elizabeth Paget), where a series of activities aimed at highlighting a particular tapestry located at this National Trust site is planned.
Young Carers & Young Refugees (Richmondshire Refugee Support Group)(Sally Reckert) As with Sally's previous application, this one has a very strong focus on the use of tapestry weaving to provide engagement with vulnerable young people. 
Jackie Bennett (Artspace) Tapestry weaving workshops for artists suffering from mental health issues 
Paulette Furnival: support as she undertakes a one year programme of self-development as a tapestry artist as well as seeking to establish a tapestry weaving group in the South West of the UK.
Katie Russell, who will be creating commemorative tapestries for an exhibition for the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine on the topic of the Battle of Jutland.
Heallreaf3. weaversbazaar will, once again, be awarding the People's Choice prize at the conclusion of this two-stage juried exhibition.
Timeline2/Global Shift is a project being undertaken by 10 tapestry weavers in Ireland.
Irene Evison, who has planned a range of activities both structured and unstructured, aimed at engaging people with tapestry weaving  



Detail of 'Derelict Wall' woven by Matty

Sponsorship Updates:
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Photos of some of the sponsored projects can also be found on our Facebook Album Page