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Pop Up Shops

We are very proud of our web site and get a great deal of positive feedback on the quality of its presentation, but nothing beats seeing and feeling yarn to get a full insight into its potential. So we are able to offer a Pop-Up Shop which brings all the products of weaversbazaar to your doorstep! There are three types of Pop-Up Shop:

  • Attended Pop-Up Shop: we will bring the weaversbazaar products to your venue. You or your organisation will receive 10% commission on sales
  • Postal Pop-Up Shop: we post the shop to you, with full instructions and guidance. You return the shop after your event and you or your organisation receives 10% commission on sales
  • Fixed Pop-Up Shop: for those of you with secure studios or workshops where you deliver regular courses, we can provide you with a Pop-Up Shop that stays with you - we re-stock on a monthly basis and you earn 10% commission on sales

All of these options have significant benefits to both organisers, groups and those being presented with the opportunity to explore weaversbazaar products up close and personal. The shop contents can be fully tailored to your requirements.  Do get in touch for more information.

Check here to see what other services we offer to those running woprkshops.

Detail of 'Spire' woven by Lin