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Single fleece 7/2 undyed

Single fleece 7/2 undyed

Code: 70000B

This unique yarn, specially commissioned by weaversbazaar, is spun from 100% Bluefaced Leicester fleece. We have specified the twist both on singles and ply, and the resulting yarn thickness. The yarn is not only robust and characterful, giving strength and definition in whatever capacity it is used, but it also has a beautiful luster and smoothness making it especially ideal for tapestry wesaving. It is available in different units and sizes which are shown below.

See the panel on the left for units and prices and access to yarn technical specifications including wraps per inch/cm and length per 25g tube

For quantities over 5kg please see our bulk discount details

Customer feedback:

"I just wanted to tell you that I ordered from you a small amount – 100 grams - of your new 7/2 single fleece wool to see how it weaves on my loom... the resulting fabric is wonderful!   It is the finest fabric I have ever woven – very soft and drapes beautifully, with a lovely sheen. I think it is beautiful!" JC, UK

"Finally I’ve had a chance to weave with the new blue-faced Leicester yarn.   Its lovely!" JB, UK

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Type: Medium 2 (7/2) single fleece

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Worsted wools are available on tubes (25g or 50g), in hanks (50g) or on cones (100g, 150g, 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g, 1kg) at a unit price.

Undyed mixed fleece

Unit price 50g: £2.20 

Undyed single fleece

Unit price 50g: £3.00 

Dyed mixed fleece

Unit price 25g: £2.90