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Blending Tapestry Weaving Kit (without frame)

Blending Tapestry Weaving Kit (without frame)

Code: 2036

Price per kit: £24.00

Our Blending tapestry Weaving Kit contains the core elements needed to undertake a weaving exercise in blending wefts in order to get subtle shifts of colour in the finished tapestry weave. It contains:

  • An illustrated, full-colour instruction booklet
  • Approx. 20m of 10 different yarns
  • A wooden bobbin
  • A warp marking pen
  • A weaving cartoon

Warp is not included as we do not know the frame size on which it will be woven.

The kit is available in five colours.

This kit is also available with a tapestry frame here.

For quantities of 5 Kits or more, please see our bulk discount details

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