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Nettle Pack (12 Ball)

Nettle Pack (12 Ball)

Code: 1049

Price per pack: £18.60

This collection of nettle yarns gives a small ball of each of our core nettle yarn colours. The full pack weight is 100g/3.5oz so plenty to sample with or to use for enhancements and embellishments.

Please note the dyed nettle yarns are not colourfast

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Yarn Base Prices

Undyed mixed fleece

Unit price 50g/1.8oz: £2.20 

Undyed single fleece

Unit price 50g/1.8oz: £3.00 

Dyed mixed fleece

Unit price 25g/0.9oz: £2.90

2/30 nm

Unit price 10g/0.35oz: £5.67 

2/9.6 nm

Unit price 25g/0.9oz: £3.40 
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