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Pack of 3 Nettle Rainbow Bags

Pack of 3 Nettle Rainbow Bags

Code: N1025H-1800     Discounted price per pack: £275.40

Packs of 3 Nettle Rainbow Bags offered at a 25% discount.

Ideal for those who like to work with unusual yarns or to create innovative effects These nettle yarns, drop spindle spun in Nepal and dyed in the UK, are vividly coloured and beautifully textured.

One 50g/1.7oz hank of each of our 12 nettle colours makes a Rainbow Bag and this bulk discount Pack contains 3 Rainbow Bags - 36 x 50g/1.7oz hanks!

Please note the dyed nettle yarns are not colourfast as they are hand-dyed

For less than 3 Rainbow Bags see here

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