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Tapestry Artists

Click on the artist's name or image to bring up a page of their tapestries. Contact Matty on +44(0)7590 479192 with any questions.

Cos Ahmet

Cos Ahmet’s works form a series of body dialogues, exploring layers of the tangible human form by way of various forms of media. Focusing on the principle themes of self, sexuality and encounter, Ahmet constructs a discourse between the physical and unconscious body; shaping and shifting the personal element into gestured, sexualized and fragmented anthologies. Though much of his recent work has been concerned with collage, the incorporation of printmaking and woven tapestry, together with the appropriation of imagery as a base, has afforded Ahmet the chance to work on what he describes as the ‘borderline’; a place where attempts can be made to create a point of juncture, suturing the varying media he employs. Some of his works hint at the central paradox of this concept, with the applied technique making up the tangible mass of the figure; the physical ‘counterpart’ of the shadow, a tying of the unconscious body, whilst maintaining a critical instability. Cos is a member of The British Tapestry Group and is currently working towards a One-Man exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel

Joan Baxter

Inspired by the landscapes and heritage of the far north of Scotland where she lives, Joan Baxter uses the ancient technique of tapestry weaving to explore her world. 'My work is designed to be subtle, thoughtful and subliminal and I intend it to speak powerfully to people on an emotional level. The landscapes of the far north have a particular minimal beauty and are strongly atmospheric. Tapestry designs rarely start with a beautiful view. The origin is usually more nebulous, less visual, often a mood evoked by a place, a text or a piece of music. My interests in archaeology, ecology and history combined with walks to explore these aspects in my local landscapes and other places all feed into what I make.' As the daughter of a painter, creativity was an integral and normal part of Baxter's childhood. After studying tapestry at Edinburgh College of Art and Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts during the 1970s, she spent eight years working as a weaver and trainer in commercial tapestry studios in the UK and Australia, notably working on the Henry Moore tapestries at West Dean Tapestry Studio. She has been an independent tapestry artist since 1987, working to commission and exhibiting widely as well as teaching, lecturing and writing. She has had solo exhibitions in the UK and Denmark and participated in many group exhibitions around the world. Amongst her many commissioned works are pieces for churches, corporate and private clients.

Claire Buckley


Claire is a textile artist, educator and author specialising in tapestry and embroidery and working on the coast in East Sussex. She has an MA in Tapestry and Textile Arts from West Dean College. Claire has worked with the National Trust at Montacute House in Somerset and Knole House in Kent. She is a member of the British Tapestry Group and the author of 'Start to Embroider' and co-author of 'Start to Stitich' both published by Search Press

Hilary Charlesworth

Hilary's passions are rug weaving, on an eight shaft floor loom, and tapestry weaving in her West Sussex studio. She is very excited by colour and colour blending and this is reflected in her work. Her inspiration comes from many sources, including overheard fragments of conversation which I “hear” as pattern and colour. She works with warps of linen or camel hair and rug yarn weft of floor quality. 

Hilary welcomes commissions and teaches workshops in a number of textile techniques. Details of courses, commissions and a gallery of work can be seen on my website. Hilary exhibits regularly and is a member of the British Tapestry Group


Jackie Bennett
(photo by Simon Caplan)


Jackie's work is driven by the urge to experiment and sample yarns. She responds to the environments she finds herself in, urban or rural. Trees are a constant inspiration, as are buildings. Jackie has recently be making work concerned with vision and the loss of sight. She favours plant fibres: cotton, hemp, linen, jute and bamboo but also includes wool and silk. Jackie has a BA(Hons) in African and Asian Art and Archeology, is certified in Arts Management and OCA textiles and has a post graduate diploma in visual arts from West Dean College. She exhibits internationally and teaches Tapestry Weaving and embroidery techniques and is also a member of the British Tapestry Group.


Joan Kendall

Joan has been a dedicated weaver for over 30 years. Her pieces reflect the landscape of both her external and inner worlds.  For Joan weaving is a form of meditation, the act of surrender allowing the expression of spirit through the medium of the loom.  Weaving is her timeline, the tapestries and woven forms chronicling events in her environment and surroundings and capturing those ‘light-bulb’ moments of spiritual consciousness.

Joan is a member of the British Tapestry Group.


Lin Squires


 Originally a painter Lin has experimented with many media over many decades since attending Canterbury College of Art in the 1970s. But in woven Tapestry Lin has found a delightfully diverse and creative toolset. Lin's current work is inspired by nature, often captured through her own photography, but she uses form, colour and digital design techniques to emphasise brief moments of mood, feeling and emotion in her chosen subjects.

Lin exhibits in the UK and is a member of the British Tapestry Group.



Margaret Jones

Tapestry weaving is Margaret's chosen medium. It is a slow art form but she enjoys the meditative and constructive nature of the making process. Her work reflects her interest in English traditions and where we come from genetically and culturally. These building blocks are what make us as individuals and bind us as a society but much of the ancient cultural heritage of England has been lost over the centuries and whenever possible I seek to remind the viewer of my works of the past that has so very nearly disappeared.

Her recent work has become less representational and calmer, maintaining the strangeness and almost primitive echoes in a more abstract image.  



Christine Paine

Based in Christchurch, Dorset, I inhabit the tide line, walking the beach, watching the sea and observing the rhythms of the natural world. I try to capture and record transient moments: shadows, movements, touch, marks left or made in the landscape.

I sometimes use mud and sticks for drawing, seeking to interpret the gestural and instinctive marks in woven tapestry. Images of prehistoric female figures and birds in flight provide inspiration for starting points. My weavings celebrate the spirit of Gaia the earth and humanity.

Linen and rayon reflect the light and blur the details.

I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Tapestry Weaving and a Professional Development Diploma in Tapestry and Textile Art from West Dean College.


Matty Smith


Matty sees the process of tapestry weaving as a form of textile painting which goes beyond the two-dimensional constraints of fine art, allowing texture, depth and ‘substance’ to be embedded in the finished piece to create a very distinctive ‘presence’. Whilst much of her work draws on observation of everyday life, she is increasingly extending her ideas into more conceptual pieces, three dimensional weaving and exploring collaboration with traditional artists through re-interpretation of their work.

Matty is also the co-founder of weaversbazaar and member of the British Tapestry Group and American Textile Alliance.